Sherrier Shaggy Bottoms
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Our Shaggy Bottom Family
The Boys

The Girls
Left:   "Chai"  
AKC registered Old English Sheepdog 
Blue eyes, OFA certified Hips and Elbows, CERF 
MDR1-n/n;   EIC-n/n;   DM-n/n

​(Pictured Right)
AKC registered,flashy gray/white, Old English Sheepdog. Heterochromatic (1 blue eye, 1 brown eye), 
OFA Hips Good, Elbows, Normal
Eyes, Normal
BAER, Normal
MDR1-n/n;  EIC-n/n; DM-n/n
(Pictured Left)​

AKC registered Old English Sheepdog
Brown Eyes

OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Thyroid-Clear
EIC-n/E; DM-n/n
Pending CERF
CA- negative
About Sherrier Shaggy Bottoms
Sherrier Shaggy Bottoms is a state licensed and inspected home facility located on the eastern plains of Colorado.  We typically maintain 4-6 dogs (1-2 males, 2-4 females) for showing and breeding , in addition to several other ranch and house pets. We breed and show AKC registered Old English Sheepdogs,

Our dogs are kept inside our home, as well as outside.  We have three large inside/outside runs which allow the dogs access to the fresh air and outdoors.  If they prefer, they can come inside and out of the elements.  Each run is 30 ft long and approx. 10-15 feet wide and has a concrete floor to keep them clean and mud free.  In addition, we have an extra large outdoor run with a fully enclosed shelter area, as well as several isolation pens.  Indoors, we allow free run for several dogs, while offering other indoor options for others.  We have one 6x10 ft isolation pen that can be used for dogs needing to be temporarily quarantined from others due to illness.  Puppies and mothers to be are kept in  private nursery suites.  

We are located on a 40 acre ranch, with trails, trees and a seasonal pond.  When the weather allows, our dogs are taken on a 1 mile romp along the trails of our ranch.  Occasionally, they  experience loose cattle and practice their natural herding abilities.

Our top priority is assuring that we deliver healthy and socialized puppies to our clients.   We begin with breeding only healthy and suitable dogs.  Our dogs are kept current on DHPP, rabies and heartworm medication. All vet care is done by a licensed veterinarian. While conformation is considered, we cannot guarantee the future show or breeding potential of pups. Puppies are sold with Limited Registration (no breeding rights).  Breeding rights may be considered to qualified breeders, with contractual agreement to complete necessary testing prior to breeding.  We reserve the right to refuse a sale for any reason.

Vigor Testing and Socialization 

At Sherrier Shaggy Bottoms, we devote many hours to helping develop stronger, healthier and better adjusted puppies. We begin with the biotinus vigor test right after birth. From days 3-16, we complete the 5 standard exercises of the BioSensor, aka "Super Dog" program. These exercises (referred to as Early Neurological Stimulation) work to decrease stress in the puppies and create stronger immune systems.

We also practice early socialization exercises known as the "Rule of Sevens".  By 7 weeks, our goal is to have each pup exposed to seven different surfaces, played with seven different types of objects, been in seven different locations , been exposed to seven challenges, met and interacted with seven new people, eaten from seven different containers, eaten in seven different locations, and exposed to seven different noises.  It is our goal to produce highly socialized puppies who do not get overwhelmed in stressful environments.

At 3-4 weeks, we introduce the pups to the concept of potty training.  We utilize a "puppy loo" to get them familiar with the idea of relieving themselves in a certain spot.  By 8 weeks, most pups are "litter trained" as long as they are contained in a manageable area.  This makes the transition to house breaking much easier.

Once you have decided Sherrier Shaggy Bottoms (SSB) is for you, you become a part of our SSB family.  From the time the pups are born, until they go home, you are provided with weekly updates, photos of the pups, and answers to all of your questions.   Afterwards, we continue to be available to you and we encourage you to keep in contact with us via our Facebook page or email.

We invite you to come visit  our ranch and see our dogs before placing a deposit.   If you are unable, we will gladly "Facetime" with you, 
as well as set you up with an SSB mentor, who has seen our dogs and worked with us before.

Introducing Giada

Royal Croft Gold Rush Girl

We are enjoying our new baby, G!  All the way from Serbia, this little girl comes from a long line of champs and grand champs.  Look for her in the ring this year.

PCD-clear by parentage

  • Old English Sheepdogs
  • Stud service to approved breeders

Giada's AKC Show Results :

Plum Creek Kennel Club, February 13, 2015:  
Puppy Best of Breed, Puppy Herding Group 1, Puppy Best in Show
Colorado Kennel Club, February 16, 2015:
Puppy Best of Breed, Winner's Bitch
Reata's Smile, aka Lyric

    We are enjoying watching our little Bug develop.  Such a spunky little soul.  She shows great promise in the ring.

PCD- clear, MDR1- m/m